About Us


About Us

Hello there and welcome to CuteLittleBabes!

CuteLittleBabes Company was created in 2014 as a means to bring high quality, Urband style and comfortable clothing for you little ones without having to sacrifice style. As a mother of two I wanted to be able to create something beautiful for my children. Clothing that they will not only love but also be comfortable in them.
That’s exactly what CuteLittleBabes offers! Prints that are stylish and unique, just like your babes. We offer a variety of styles such as trousers, shorties, harem shorts and one of a kind shirts. 

All items are designed, cut and sewn by me, unless stated other wise, because we did hired an awesome manufactured for some of new pieces.  Don't worry you wont even know the difference, the quality is exactly the same, since this mom has control issues lol I had to make sure this manufactured is up to my standards, so rest assure! 

Thank you for stopping by!

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